Boston Celtics


Date: 2012-2022

Multiple Projects:

  • Renovation
  • New Construction
  • Relocation
  • Asset Inventory

2012 – Holm & Associates was hired by the building owner, Spear Street Capital, to provide project management services for their renovation and expansion of their 22,000 SF space at 226 Causeway Street in Boston, MA.  This project included the physical relocation of their existing furniture and contents to a vacant floor within the building to allow for full carpet replacement, and the creation of a production studio for player interviews. Holm & Associates was also entrusted to coordinate the inventory and storage of their vast collection of team memorabilia and awards.

  • One of the challenges of this project was that it coincided with the post-season NBA playoffs, so the schedule had to remain flexible. As a result, Holm & Associates monitored activities closely and adjusted tasks to ensure back of house operations (IT & Sales) were not impeded by the project.
  • Another challenge for the project involved executing the shut down of the office, removal of items, workstation lift for carpet and painting of the entire premises within a 5-day window. In order to ensure this process went smoothly as well, Holm & Associates set up a sales command center to allow for skeleton crew to operate, as well as, produced and coordinated a micro schedule that allowed activates to be executed without interference with each other.

2018 – Our team was engaged again by the Celtics to help relocate and decommission their Waltham Training Facility as they moved their operations to a new building site at Boston Landing in Brighton.

  • Our team managed to decommission the space which included selling obsolete training equipment, furniture and fixtures as well as providing a full inventory of classic photos and memorabilia.

2022 – H&A was once again hired by the Celtics to coordinate the relocation of their Corporate Office/Headquarters from 226 Causeway to 100 Causeway (The Hub).

  • The challenges on this project were all Covid related, but our Team was able to coordinate a smooth transition from one location to the other.